A High School Diploma program allows students to complete High School in another country kicking off their international academic career and paving their way for further success at college, university, work and beyond. Through participation in a wide variety of social and cultural activities, students find themselves immersed in a different culture, and guided through the process of discovery, they develop a deeper global awareness and understanding of other cultures.

YCL offers programs in public and private institutions in a variety of countries to choose from: Canada, United States, Germany, Australia, France, Malta, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy and Switzerland.

We provide 2 types of accommodation: student residence and host-family accommodation (Hogar Anfritión – YCL homestay).

Upon High School completion, students can take advantage of our exciting YCL college programs that offer more than 250 different Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs, PHD studies as well as other certifications, diplomas or paid internships/work placements.

Passion for education, dedication to quality and attention to our students’ needs and their individual talents enable us to provide them with well-rounded study programs, comfort, confidence and competences they will need for success at college, university, work and beyond. All of the schools we partner with pride themselves on excellent academic reputation and passion for developing students’ skills, paving their way for further success.

  • Educational Programs for Youth


    Canada, United States, Germany, New Zealand,
    France, Holland, United Kingdom,
    Ireland, Italy and Switzerland

  • Educational Programs for Children

    Program Duration

    3, 6, 12 and 24 months

  • Educational Programs for Children


    Homestay and Students Residence



Educational Programs for Adults

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