Public High School

Public High Schools offer the traditional High School exchange program. It is a perfect option for those students who are looking for a genuine international High School experience. Public schools support students’ diverse interests and goals, offering core academic courses as well as classes in cutting edge technology, arts, languages, and an impressive number of special interest subjects. Classes are inclusive and the approach to teaching is student-centered, making students active participants in their educational success.

Students will study with local peers, embracing the culture of the chosen destination. Students are placed in classes according to their age, language skills and academic level.

Educational Programs for Adults

Those who opt for this program reside with a local family that is selected based on the student’s profile in an effort to assure satisfaction. The greatest advantage of living with a host family is the guidance and support that students receive from these families, as well as having someone to talk to about daily challenges and a place to call home during this experience. Additionally, students will greatly improve their second language communication skills due to exposure to the language and real life interactions.

Students spend their day at school and at the end of it, they are encouraged to take part in a wide variety of extracurricular activities, e.g. debating, dancing or a drama club, or sports such as: hockey, football, soccer, swimming and lacrosse

  • Educational Programs for Children

    Program Duration

    12 weeks
    1 year
    1 semester

  • Educational Programs for Children

    Starting dates

    February and September

  • Educational Programs for Children



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